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20+ Years of Superior Doors, Hardware, and Division 10 Specialties in Central Florida

20+ Years of Superior Doors, Hardware, and Division 10 Specialties in Central Florida

Premium Supplier of Division 8 & 10 Specialties

Commercial Door Frames

Hardware & Accessories

Custom Door & Frame Fabrication

Automatic Door Operators

Toilet Compartments & Accessories

Cubicle Curtains & Tracks

Lockers & Bike Racks


Commercial Door Solutions

We specialize in providing durable, high-quality commercial doors and hardware to meet Division 8 requirements for security, sound management, and visual appeal.

Hollow Metal Doors

Architectural Doors

Pre-Hung Doors

Fire-Rated Doors

Acoustic Doors

Impact Doors

All Commercial Doors

Door Frame Selections

Explore our extensive range of door frames that are designed to meet diverse architectural and functional needs.

Knockdown Frames

Adjustable Frames

Masonry Frames

Welded Frames

Fire-Rated Frames

Double Egress Frames

Acoustic Frames


All Door Frames

Specialty Products

Division 8 Doors & Hardware

We offer a comprehensive range of doors and hardware that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of commercial buildings, while also meeting construction specifications.

  • Custom Commercial Door & Frame Fabrication
  • Hardware & Accessories
  • Convenient Delivery, Installation, & Maintenance

All Division 8 Products

Division 10 Specialities

We carry an extensive selection of support items and accessories that add functionality, aesthetics, safety, and convenience to commercial properties.

  • Washroom Partitions & Accessories
  • Handrails & Wall Protection
  • Storage Shelving & Lockers
  • Fire Protection & Accessories
  • Flagpoles, Bike Racks, & More

All Division 10 Products

Types of Door Materials

Our doors are available in a variety of durable materials that suitable for a wide range of applications for commercial construction projects.

Hollow Metal

Hollow metal doors and frames offer unique durability and security, making them ideal for high-traffic commercial areas.


Wood doors provide natural beauty and versatility with a range of design options for numerous commercial settings.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doors and frames combine modern aesthetics with durability that resists corrosion in industrial environments.


Fiberglass doors are durable, energy-efficient, and well-suited for harsh climates while effectively mimicking wood finishes.

All Door Materials

Hardware Installation & Replacement

Our experts ensure secure and functional entryways with professional upgrades and maintenance of essential commercial door components.

  • Door Hardware & Keying Systems
  • Commercial Security Access Control
  • Panic Devices
  • Hydraulic Door Closers
  • Automatic Operators for ADA Compliance
  • Locks & Lock Sets
  • Latches, Hinges, & Thresholds
  • Weather Stripping

All Hardware

We Supply the Following Brands

Family-Owned & Operated

About C&S Supply

C&S Supply has served the greater Orlando area for over 20 years providing excellent service in the Division 8 and Division 10 trades of the construction industry. The company was bought and rebranded by the same family as Florida Paints in 2021. At C&S, we pride ourselves on catering to our customer’s needs and focus on the relationships required for success throughout the construction experience.

As a client-driven company, we serve all sectors of commercial construction including office space, education, multi-family, hospitality, industrial, and entertainment. We work with our contractors and end users hand in hand’ throughout the planning, construction, and close out processes to provide a combination of quality and affordable products and installations that are right for each project. 

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With 20+ years of experience, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed.

Helped me out with buying a couple of metal doors for my workplace. Friendly guys, A+ service. Thanks!

Richie Siesto

We visited the warehouse a few days ago and received an incredible customer service.

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